Sshguard is distributed under the permissive BSD license: you can use, modify and redistribute the software, at your own risk, for any use, including commercial, provided that you retain the original copyright notice you find in it.

Do you want to install sshguard? We recommend you first look into your OS's package management system for a package tailor-made to your OS. That's easier, faster and right!

From Package Management Systems

Find sshguard in your OS's package management system:

This is a partial list; let us know if we missed something.

From sources

If you do want to go the manual way, here you find the source packages. SSHGuard is reported to compile and work on most Linux distributions, most BSD distributions, OS X, Solaris, and AIX.


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  • collaborate on the mailing list — help the others benefit from sshguard

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  • sshguard 1.5 This is a milestone release, coming after 18 months ...
  • sshguard 1.5 Sshguard monitors services through their logging activity. It reacts ...
  • sshguard 1.5rc4 This release candidate fixes the last known bugs submitted ...

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