You find documentation on sshguard here. Documentation is of primary importance for sshguard; if you think something is missing or unclear, you are welcome to submit a documentation bug report first, and turn to our support means then.

Operative contents:

  • compile and install from sources: but using your OS' Package Management System is often preferable.
  • setup: step-by-step guide to get sshguard working on your host
  • Log Sucker: make sshguard squeeze everything interesting from your system
  • whitelisting: how to use address whitelisting to protect valid users from accidental blocking
  • log message validation: how to validate the logging activity

Informational contents:


  • thanks to all users who contributed testing, code, documentation, or support on the project's mailing lists over the years
  • we use SourceForge for hosting our code. Recently SF showed major performance improvements and streamlined interfaces; thanks for supporting Open Source for this long and to this extent.
  • we use BuddyNS as secondary DNS for running domains sshguard.net and sshguard.org. By far the best secondary DNS service around.
  • the OpenCSW provides us with Solaris systems for verifying and maintaining compatibility with the Solaris environment.

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  • sshguard 1.5 This is a milestone release, coming after 18 months ...
  • sshguard 1.5 Sshguard monitors services through their logging activity. It reacts ...
  • sshguard 1.5rc4 This release candidate fixes the last known bugs submitted ...

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