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So you want to file a new attack pattern. Cool, we are always excited about new ideas. But first, please, tell us something about you.

We will never give away nor publish your e-mail address. If you submit a real e-mail address, we will be able to contact you to fine-tune your feature request and implement it even better! Be sure to whitelist on your spamfilter.
We trust you, but the Web is full of tough people. Please, prove that you are a good one and complete the challenge!

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Please, find a minute to fill the fields below. Remember, the more carefully (not verbosely!) you specify these details, the quicker we will take your submission into account!

e.g.: # sshd reports address @ tried to login as @games@, but no such user exist;
# the address could be also in hostname form like
Feb 11 19:58:28 hostname sshd[1234]: Invalid user test from
A failed login authentication is "Important".
Describe this attack pattern using very simple words. Long and complex descriptions will be discarded.
No markup is allowed.

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