Aug 09

Version 1.5 and timing

Today we release version 1.5rc4. Dijkstra used to say that the aim of testing is to prove the presence of bugs, not their absence. If so, we managed to be successful with 1.5rc3 too! :)
Thanks Florian for reporting the problems on recent Solaris, and working them out along with us. And thanks Dago from, which provides Solaris shells (and support) for developers to ensure maintenance of Solaris portability with ease. OpenCSW is definitely worth praise and notice for any project that cares about portability.

In the meantime, we keep receiving proposals for the addition of patterns on At the rate of one submission a week, this is a great way to reminds us how big and lively our community is out there. Plus, users start wanting to apply SSHGuard to tasks beyond its original portfolio. Awesome!
If anyone wonders what’s happening to such submissions (the background: we’re taking on average 3 months from submission to commit), the explanation is that by policy we prioritize fixes to outstanding bugs before addition of new features. As soon as we’re over with 1.5, the bulk of outstanding submission will be processed.

So, what can you do to speed this whole process up? Go test sshguard 1.5rc4 now, and report merciless any defect you might find. If we see we’re done with it, 1.5 stable is on its way in just a few weeks.

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