Jul 17

SSHGuard news

So long since the new website and no post! Thanks Federico for setting up the feed, and let’s stop the former HTTP 404 with a first post.

The original idea was to use this as a conveniently-editable replacement for Sourceforge’s Project News tool (you might have noticed that we’re progressively leaving Sourceforge to something self-hosted). More likely however posts here will be more frequent, and less polished.

This is what you might expect then:

  • notifications of releases (spoiler-free, FreshMeat will remain the reference) or significant commits to the repository
  • notifications of additions to the website. Federico’s fancy submission tools, and the volume of content enclosed on the site, have been much too long concealed and will now be given more of the deserved visibility
  • comments on Internet publications relevant to SSHGuard
  • comments on the mid/long-term direction of SSHGuard
  • comments on users’ feedback or submissions, or verbatim comments from users if someone is up to and it’s worth

If you are used to blogs or Twitter, this is going to be like neither of them :) so stay tuned!

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