Building from the development repository

Briefly, to build from the development repository:

$ git clone
$ cd sshguard/
$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure --prefix=/your/path --with-firewall=your-firewall
$ make

# make install
Building from the development repository requires autoconf and automake.


Decide which blocking backend you are going to use. These are the typical associations of backends with operating systems:

OSblocking backendlabel
MacOS XFreeBSD IPFirewallipfw
many BSDsthe OpenBSD Packet Filterpf
IBM AIXAIX firewallaix
others or no firewalltcp wrappers' /etc/hosts.allowhosts

The complete list of firewall backends is:

  • aix
  • hosts
  • ipfilter
  • ipfw
  • iptables
  • null
  • pf

If you have no idea which backend to choose, hosts is the most portable choice.

Compiling and installing

Run the configure script:

./configure --with-firewall=<label>

e.g., for linux:

./configure --with-firewall=iptables

Finally, compile the source code and install the result the usual way:

make install

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